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A veteran corporate executive, Lisa has dedicated her life to guiding others toward success.  While she began her journey as a cashier, she eventually found herself earning six-figures, managing a $350M P&L, and teaching other executives how to utilize communication to get the most of their professional relationships.  From the outside looking in, Lisa appeared to have what so many others strive for.  A good job, nice house, nice cars, plenty of possessions, and lots of travel.


During these years, Lisa had begun studying spirituality, energetic attraction, and ways to lift results by developing a leadership approach that was aligned with Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction.  She applied this to her work and found she got better results more easily, and had a team that was happy to come to work.  She started sharing her learnings with a few others who were open to new ideas, and soon her spiritual mentorship practice was born.

Lisa has continued to focus on her path to enlightenment which has included countless books, seminars, and spiritual coaching sessions, studying Tarot and Oracle systems, consulting with fellow Intuitives, meditating, and obtaining Reiki Attunement.  Through these experiences, Lisa acknowledged her strong intuitive senses and has learned to tap into Higher Guidance for herself and others.  Combined with Lisa's leadership experience, these qualities make her an effective coach for those wishing to improve communication, solve interpersonal issues, develop a goal setting practice, and/or learn to tap into their own Higher Guidance System (often called Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, or Source Consciousness).

During your phone session, Lisa will spend a few minutes getting to know you and what it is you want to accomplish.  Depending on your goal, Lisa may use Tarot or Oracle cards, in addition to her own intuitive sense, to help you discover the answers to your questions.  She can help you with things like interpreting dreams, working through a situation, or reading your past, present, and future state in order to take the best steps toward success for you.